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Top 10 Best Selling Japan Omoshiroi Block you must have

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Top 10 Best Selling Japan Omoshiroi Block you must have

Omoshiroi Block is one of Japan\’s greatest creations ever. With their creativity and meticulousness, the Japanese have created wonderful works of art out of sticky notes, which we know as Omoshiroi Block. Today, the Official Omoshiroi Block Shape Store will review the top 10 best selling Omoshiroi Block. Hopefully, through this review, you will find the right Omoshiroi Block for you

One Piece Marineford Head Quater Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder

24 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

Despite of being released recently, One Piece Marineford Head Quater Omoshiroi Block still deserves to be one of the bestselling products among the Omoshiroi Block products because of the popularity and love of the One Piece comic. In One Piece, Marineford was the site of the headquarters for the Marine Headquarters and currently is where the G-1 Naval Base is stationed. It is also the residence of former Admiral Sengoku and 3 other Admirals, and the residence of many Vice Admirals and Marines when they have not been allocated a facility. The city around Marineford was inhabited by families of Marines. One Piece Marineford Head Quater Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder is our newest products

The Great Wall of China Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder


The Great Wall of China is considered the greatest work in China that anyone who comes to China should visit once. The Great Wall is the common name of a collection of many rocky ramparts that were built about 2500 years ago during the Western Zhou period, stretching thousands of kilometers from the East to the West, and functioned as a defensive line. the military defended China from invasions by northern nomadic tribes such as the Mongol and Manchuria

Titanic Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder

4 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

Titanic is a passenger ship across the ocean, going into the history of the maritime industry because of the maritime accidents that happened to it as well as the related mysteries. This ship accident was made into the famous movie Titanic in 1997 and has won many prestigious awards.

Aircraft Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder

5 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

An aircraft is an air-capable means of transport, manufactured and used for a variety of purposes, including transporting people, transporting goods, and supporting firepower during the war. Because of its beautiful and outstanding shape, it is one of the most bought products by customers

Avenger Incredible Hulk Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad

18 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

Avenger Incredible Hulk is a function movie character in the Marvel cinematic universe. He is a normal person who transfer into a giant ferocious green monster when angry. The Avenger series is considered one of the greatest series, making the name of the Marvel movie universe

Paris Arc De Triomphe Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder

20 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, France, standing at the western end of the Champs-Élysées at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle. Today, the Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous buildings of Paris and together with the Champs-Elysées is the venue for festivals, events or celebrating sports victories. With 1,330,738 visitors buying tickets to visit, the Arc de Triomphe ranks 10th in the most attractive works of Paris

Tree House Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad

9 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

Tree house is a very familiar architecture in the world. It is a house built with wooden materials, fixed on the trunks, serving the needs of children’s play. Tree houses are a very popular structure in western countries. This is not only a place to play, but also a place for people to shelter or rest. For nature lovers, Tree House is considered their second home, where they can keep their own things.

Lamborghini Centenario Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad

6 - ®OMOSHIROI Block

Lamborghini is the surname of the person who founded the brand “golden cow” – Ferrucio Lamborghini in 1963, when before that, Lamborghini itself was also a fan of the cult sports car Ferrari cult. However, Lamborghini with the starting point of a company specializing in the production of tractors, then turning over to produce super cars with the sole purpose: “Teaching Ferrari a lesson”. In 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini was a millionaire by manufacturing tractors. With a huge account, he owns many supercars of Mercedes and Jaguar and always has a special love for Ferrari.
One day, Lamborghini\’s Ferrari had a clutch failure but could not be repaired. He went to Ferrari boss Enzo Ferrari to complain. Enzo shrugged off and said that his car was perfect with the unofficial quote: “Tractors should not care about super cars”. That statement has touched the high self-esteem of the millionaire, Ferruccio determined to show Ferrari what a true supercar. In 1963, the Lamborghini factory was born with the first team of engineers who were old Ferrari people, and immediately reaped great success, fierce competition with the cult cars of Ferrari at that time. That is the history of the famous Lamborghini Car Company.

Lamborghini Centenario is a limited edition supercar of Lamborghini to celebrate the company’s 100th birthday. Only 40 cars were produced, and they cost up to 1.9 million USD each.

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad with Pen Holder


Maneki Neko – “The waving cat” or “Lucky cat”, “Lucky cat”, “Guest cat” is a very popular statue in Japan. Usually made of ceramic or porcelain, it depicts a short-tailed cat holding up a “hand” looking like it is beckoning or waving to people.
Maneki Neko is considered a symbol of luck, bringing good fortune to families and shops that place statues at the doors. This belief is said to originate from an ancient Chinese legend: “When a cat rubs his eyes, a guest will come home”. If you have the opportunity to visit Japan, you will see the image of this cat in most of the shops, companies, or banks here.

Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad

Omoshiroi Block best selling

There is no doubt that the Harry Potter Omoshiroi Block is the best-selling product. More than 20 years have passed since the first volume of the Harry Potter series written by British writer J.K.Rowling was published, but the appeal has never declined. The work is really a highlight in the author\’s career. The work has been translated into 67 languages and sold more than 325 million copies worldwide, with great success. The work brings great commercial value and is highly appreciated by literary critics. The Omoshiroi Block was built on the inspiration of Hogwart Castle, which is the school of all kid witches and the main venue for the majority of the story, this model has received the support of many of our clients.


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